About Us

DIY Balloon Designs is all about you – the mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, coach, teacher, counselor, principal, librarian, event planner…YOU. 

From birth to first birthday, first day of school to prom and high school graduation, first car, college acceptance to yet another graduation, first house, marriage, then starting the cycle over again with a new baby, and all the celebrations in between; balloons have more than likely played a part. 

But there is a problem. When working with a professional balloon decorator you have to work around schedules, pricing, and merchandise availability. Is the company any good? Will they finish on time? Now you have more questions than answers!

Our parent company, Balloon Man, began as a corporate decorating service designing elaborate décor for new and used automotive dealerships. Before long, word started to spread and we began getting calls for private parties such as weddings, birthdays, school programs, and other special events. You wanted a “Pinterest Perfect” event and we wanted to give it to you. 

Our Mission Statement starts out with, “Balloon Man helps to create a festive and exciting environment to ALL who wish to celebrate…”. As our popularity grew, so did our schedules. Therefore, we were no longer able to help “ALL” the way we wanted. In that, DIY Balloon Designs was born. 

Now, you can: 

  • Order your own fully customizable kit online. 
  • Receive everything you need to build your own elaborate balloon display
  • Never have to leave your home or office for balloons again
  • Create an exciting atmosphere in your home, office, or event center. 
  • Save money with every new kit*
  • Be the envy of your friends & family with your newfound decorating ability

There doesn’t need to be anymore stress around special events. There’s no need to search the DIY tutorial platforms for the perfect decorations. Now you can get online, place your order, and have fun building your very own DIY Balloon Design!

*see order form for how to save money on future orders